Therapy sessions are utilized in a number of different settings for numerous reasons. Offering both group and individual therapy sessions, Rebound Institute provides highly trained and certified therapists for teammates enrolled into the program. Each individual, upon initial assessment completed by our qualified therapist team, will have therapy sessions outlined and scheduled throughout their stay. The overall goal of therapy, in any case, is to identify and confront underlying issues that may contribute to an individual’s imbalanced lifestyle, express emotions and feelings, and set goals for personal growth and development.

Individual Therapy

Group and Individual Therapy to Enhance Life EnrichmentThis type of therapy is a confidential one-on-one session between a therapist and an individual. These sessions are designed to allow individuals to feel confident about being able to express things they may not otherwise express to others in a comforting and supportive setting. Individual therapy works by using expression to deal with issues and create long-term goals to manage them in the future. Advantages of utilizing individual therapy include:

• Therapists have an obligation to keep their work confidential, meaning a person may feel more comfortable expressing feelings, thoughts, and past experiences in an individualized setting.

• Individualized therapy is focused on the direct needs and desires of a specific individual, keeping the desired goals of therapy specific to that individual.

• The one-on-one setting of individualized sessions allows for a more focused environment, which is desirable for identifying concurring mental health issues.

• Because the setting is personal, there are no distractions throughout individualized therapy sessions.

Group Therapy

Therapy comprised of groups of people may seem overwhelming at first, but group therapy is beneficial to recovery and maintaining a life of balance. A group therapy session can be comprised of any number of individuals and can either be a closed or open. Closed sessions are comprised of the same number of individuals throughout a set period of time, with sessions concluding once group goals are achieved. Open groups are sessions with any number of individuals at any time, welcoming new members with each session and offering different topics, approaches, and goals with each meeting. Group therapy offers many benefits including:

• Considering testimonials from others allows individuals to see life and its struggles in another light, and offers practice of empathy and compassion.

• A group setting allows support from peers and individuals who are seeking help for like issues and challenges.

• Sharing experiences, feelings, and challenges with others allow for the sharing of information.

• Group therapy promotes the development of new coping skills through the sharing of information.

• Group therapy settings offer a way to practice newly learned coping strategies and healthy ways of communicating with others.

Combining Group and Individual Therapy throughout Life Enrichment Programs

At the Rebound Institute, we know that combining both group and individualized therapy simultaneously provides each individual with the opportunity to work through their issues through a connection to others; whether it be with peers, counselor, or both. Combined with all of our other offered programs and services, therapy is vital to rediscovering the self and reaching goals in self-development and recovery.