Our Programs

Programs at the Rebound Institute are as different as the teammates that make up our community. Rebound ProgramsThat’s because every individual human being needs something different, and we cater to that at Rebound by collaborating with each teammate on creating their own, unique program of therapeutic services. Cookie cutter facilities that send people through the same conveyor belt of programs don’t help anyone to heal, and they end with people being stuck in a cycle.

Teams are made of individuals who work together, each person bringing something different to the table. That’s what we have created through our programs at Rebound. We offer a diverse range of programs for individuals to utilize based on their specific needs and goals.

Therapeutic Services

For people who struggle with unhealthy patterns of substance use, we offer medical detox with a 24/7 staff and high-end amenities to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Following that, we offer comprehensive treatment that includes holistic and traditional therapeutic services.

Substance abuse is not the only issue that people struggle with. Sometimes, no matter how hard we work, our mental health needs a boost. Depression, anxiety, and other such issues can block us from achieving internal fulfillment as well as happiness in our relationships, careers, family life, and any other aspect of our lives. That’s why we offer the highest-quality dual diagnosis care for our teammates as well as crisis intervention, medication management, and mental health care and rehabilitation. Everyone has a personal struggle that can prevent them from pursuing their purpose, and that’s why we take care to offer programs that address any issues our teammates may be facing with their own emotional and mental health.

Wellness Programs

Our program options don’t end with services for individuals in crisis. Therapeutic ServicesEveryone can benefit from a lifestyle assessment or restructuring at some point in their lives. In the modern world, it’s easy to get trapped in patterns of unhealthy eating, neglecting our romantic relationships or emotional connection to friends and family, or feeling stuck in our career. Life can get so busy that we lose touch with the truly important things, and start to slip with regard to attending to them. For people who want to interrupt that cycle and get back on track, we offer multiple program options. These include nutrition and diet programs as well as physical exercise and adventure therapy, a family therapy program headed by a Harvard-educated clinician, community adventure outings and team-building exercises, holistic therapy, and ongoing alumni support programs.

Each program available at the Rebound Institute is designed based on the philosophy that structure and taking care of our physical and mental health is vital. No one who is willing to work hard should live anything less than their best possible life, and at Rebound, no one has to. Every program we offer delivers the chance for our teammates to rediscover their passion and their goals, and then to pursue them with all of the support and care they need to do so.