Substance abuse, lack of sleep, neglecting exercise, high levels of stress due to untreated mental ailments, and other imbalanced lifestyle characteristics can all lead to a lack of proper nutrition. Improper nutrition can affect not only the physical functioning of the body and how an individual looks, but it can also affect how an individual thinks and feels! Implementing better nutrition strategies can help individuals seeking a life of better well-being to live healthier, happier lives. At Rebound Institute, we understand that individuals need to be taught healthy nutritional choices and habits, so we provide nutrition counseling for all.

Who Can Benefit from Nutrition Counseling?

Many individuals seeking to live a healthier and happier lifestyle can gain knowledge and reap the rewards of nutrition counseling. Specific individuals who can find value from nutrition counseling may include:

• Individuals who have previously lacked proper nutrition due to substance abuse

• Individuals who have irregular eating patterns

• Individuals who have challenging digestive issues

• Individuals living with depression and/or anxiety

• Individuals with imbalanced sleeping patterns

• Individuals living with symptoms of chronic pain

• Individuals wanting to maintain a healthy weight

The Benefits of Nutrition Counseling

Imbalanced lifestyles which directly associate to a lack of nutrition in diet can lead to numerous Preparing you for a Healthier Life with Nutrition Counseling Serviceshealth issues including heart disease, increased blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and developed eating disorders. Although individuals enrolled into the nutrition counseling program may not be experiencing these extreme consequences of an imbalanced diet just yet, long-term eating habits can be the difference between developing these issues in the future or instilling health and illness prevention now. There are many benefits individuals can retain from attending nutrition counseling sessions including:

• Motivation to properly nourish the mind, soul, and body

• Helps to manage moods and stress levels

• Revitalizes the body after years of nutrient neglect

• Helps to identify current health problems and offers solutions for healing and nourishment

What is the Nutrition Counseling Process?

Upon enrollment into nutrition services, individuals are assessed to determine their personal needs and want for the outcome of the program. Additionally, individuals are questioned about their nutritional habits and overall medical health that may relate to nutritional choices. Once the nutritionist can get an overall assessment, specific and individualized meal plans are designed for each individual. Specific supplements, foods, and beverages can be used to boost the immune systems and help certain ailments as they pertain to an individual’s previous lifestyle patterns. Additional to food plans, individuals are taught to implement healthy eating habits and cook using recipe suggestions that are considered nutritious.