Mental Health Care

The Importance of Mental Health Care

Everyone goes through periods of emotional difficulty in their lives. For people with clinical mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, getting through these challenging periods may require professional care and assistance. Mental Health CareAt the Rebound Institute, we offer high-quality mental health care for people who need support and clinical assistance in overcoming these obstacles and returning to their healthiest state of being.

Mental health disorders sometimes carry a stigma, but it reality, they are extremely common. In fact, approximately one in five adults in America, or 25% of the population, suffer from a mental health condition at some point in their lives (National Alliance on Mental Illness.) In many cases, individuals need- and deserve- some time away from the stress and hustle of everyday life in order to care for themselves and allow their minds and bodies to heal. Rebound offers comprehensive mental health care for people who require a retreat, clinical expertise, and support to surmount these difficult times in life and get back to their true, healthy selves.

Mental Health Care Services at Rebound

The Rebound Institute offers an oasis for people who need a break from the routine and some time to re-ground themselves and regain their optimum health. A stay at Rebound offers just the retreat many people need- with luxury amenities, 24/7 care, holistic healing methods as well as psychiatric support, and a community of like-minded individuals determined to heal, this is the place to be in order to begin recovery.

In addition to the peaceful, serene atmosphere, Rebound offers the highest-quality mental health care available. With experienced psychiatrists on staff to monitor and guide teammates, we offer each individual the medication management and symptom monitoring required to stabilize and regain mental health. We also offer individual and group therapy as well as family/relationship counseling in order to help individuals process their emotions and experience, develop healthy coping skills, and repair the strained relationships in their lives.

Holistic therapy is also a part of mental health care at Rebound. Massage, acupuncture, and exercise can all help our teammates feel more in tune with their bodies, more relaxed, and free of the stress that comes from dealing with issues like depression or anxiety. Adventure and experiential therapy help teammates regain their passion for life and help to channel energy into positive and constructive pursuits that benefit the individual mentally, spiritually, and physically. Nutrition programs also help individual teammates to regain a sense of control over their lives and to promote whole-body health.

Regaining Optimum Health

At some point, everyone needs a break. For people who suffer from mental health disorders, the stress of everyday life can lead to poor emotional health and a lack of inner peace. In these cases, the high quality program offered at Rebound can help individuals regain control over their lives, move into a more positive and healthy mental state, and rebuild the parts of their lives that are so important, like careers and families. Even for people without a diagnosed mental health condition, the relaxing retreat-atmosphere offered at Rebound can help renew a passion for life that can get lost in the everyday shuffle. If you need to re-adjust, need support and help developing a healthier lifestyle, or simply need time to get away and focus on your own emotional well-being, Rebound is just the place for you.