Dual Diagnosis

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

“Dual diagnosis” is a term that usually refers to having substance use disorder along with a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. However, a dual diagnosis can be any two issues that occur alongside each other and that both influence one another. Dual Diagnosis TreatmentFor example, someone who struggles with substance abuse along with a gambling habit could be said to have a dual diagnosis, and someone with chronic pain and addiction also qualifies for dual diagnosis treatment.

The main issue is that when someone is suffering from a dual diagnosis, they need and deserve professional care that addresses both conditions and allows them the best chance at having the healthiest life and recovery possible. Many facilities only address one condition, such as addiction or eating disorders. Here at Rebound, we want our teammates to have the healthiest and most positive lifestyles they can have, which is why we offer dual diagnosis care to any individual who needs it.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Rebound

Upon intake at Rebound, each person completes a comprehensive assessment with our medical and clinical staff. This is done in order to identify any dual diagnosis or underlying issues that must be addressed during someone’s stay at Rebound, such as chronic pain or physical conditions, mental health issues, or behavioral patterns that the individual wishes to change. This assessment allows for the clinical and medical staff to assist each teammate in establishing their goals at Rebound and in creating an individual care plan that can help them to achieve those goals.

In order to offer the best dual diagnosis treatment available in the region, Rebound offers a diverse range of services to help our teammates heal from any condition that impedes their ability to live their best life. Teammates who have unhealthy patterns of abusing substances are not restricted only to addiction treatment; they have access to every service available in order to meet their individual needs. This includes mental health care and psychiatry, holistic healing, therapy, physical therapy and nutrition, and wellness retreat activities.

Whole Recovery

We don’t believe that it’s enough to simply treat symptoms. Every single individual at Rebound is highly motivated to live a full and healthy life, not just get rid of negative symptoms of a disease. That’s why we go above and beyond traditional, narrow methods of care. Teammates at Rebound have the opportunity to address substance abuse, gambling, sex and love addiction, shopping and spending habits, nutrition issues, mental health conditions, family/relationship issues, or even just simply juggling a stressful schedule. Our teammates are a part of our family, and we want our family to be at their emotional, spiritual, and physical peak condition. That’s why we offer dual diagnosis care on an individual basis so that each teammate has a chance to work on the issues that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential in everyday life.