Addiction Treatment

A Different Approach to Addiction Treatment

The Rebound Institute was founded because there is a great need for a shift in the way addiction treatment is approached. There are countless facilities with cookie-cutter programs that shuffle people in and out of detox, rehab, and sober living. At Rebound, we do things differently. Addiction is different for every single individual….so why shouldn’t addiction treatment be diverse enough to match individual experiences? At Rebound, it is. Every person who walks through our doors has the opportunity to create their own personal plan of recovery that matches their needs and goals.

Individualized Treatment

At Rebound, we don’t funnel clients in and out of facilities- in fact, we don’t have clients, we have teammates. Everyone at Rebound is on the same team, and part of the same big, supportive family. At Rebound, we work together,Addiction Treatment learn together, and recover together as a team- no one walks this journey on their own at Rebound.

We do offer traditional forms of therapy at Rebound because these proven methods do help people to recover. Addiction treatment here includes evidence-based models and proven techniques that individuals need when they first get sober, such as detox, therapy, group counseling, family/relationship therapy, and dual diagnosis care for underlying conditions. All of these services are provided by highly educated, experienced, and compassionate professionals. However, at Rebound, we go a few steps beyond the standard.

Medical Detox

The first stage of treatment for individuals struggling with a substance addiction is medical detox. During this stage, the goal is to rid the body of the presence of the chemical the body is dependent upon. Since this can bring about agitating, debilitating, and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms, it is best that detoxification from addictive substances is performed under the supervision of medical professionals. Our medical detox staff is highly trained in meeting the needs of detoxifying patients from a number of addictive substances in a safe and guided environment.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is the most intensive program for addiction treatment offered at Rebound Institute. Individuals enrolled can take advantage of services, programs, and resources available to them throughout their personalized treatment schedules. The PHP is designed to offer the support that individuals overcoming addiction need following medical detox. Each teammate in the PHP will be assessed for their treatment needs and offered services and programs daily that are aimed to help them reach personal goals, healing, and wellness. The PHP is considered an outpatient treatment program, which means that individuals receive treatment during the day but have the option to live from home or a sober living environment during nighttime hours. Once completed, individuals have the option to continue a treatment with a less intensive approach through the intensive outpatient program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

For individuals who have completed the medical detox and partial hospitalization programs, the intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is the final and least intensive treatment program offered at Rebound Institute. In this program, teammates can practice coping and relapse prevention skills by integrating back into the home, work, or school environment while continuing treatment. The days of early recovery are when recovering individuals are most vulnerable, so it is imperative that this process is guided and gradual. During the IOP, individuals are offered the resources and support they need when needed and required therapy and activities are limited to a few hours weekly. Additionally, teammates can take advantage of progressive services including life skills and nutrition counseling.

Building Community and Connection

For many people, addiction means a lack of connection to themselves, those around them, their natural surroundings, and their support networks. At Rebound, our programs are designed to foster new connections and repair this damage. To help our teammates reconnect, meals and recreation time are about fellowship. A lot of healing and dialogue happens in the kitchen, so teammates gather before meals to cook together and connect with one another. A lot of time is spent outside, playing sports and learning to work with one another, healing bodies and minds at the same time. We also offer frequent outings that incorporate adventure and experiential therapy. Recovery is about living life to it’s fullest, so teammates at Rebound spend plenty of time exploring the world around them, experiencing scuba diving, skydiving, adventure and team-building outings, and weekend trips. These outings offer teammates a chance to reconnect with themselves, with nature, and with their peers, and serve as a reminder of the vast amount of opportunity that recovery brings.

Family counseling is also a large part of addiction treatment at Rebound. By healing the family, we can heal the individual and replace addiction with whole, healthy, fulfilling lifestyles. During each aspect of treatment, teammates have access to high-quality amenities, nationally-renowned clinicians and professional staff, mental health care, aftercare coordination, and traditional, holistic, and alternative treatment methods. At Rebound, everyone has the chance to not only recover but to be a part of a close community and build a better future.