About Us

Healing For All

Every teammate at Rebound has the chance to design their own program. That’s because you know what your inner difficulties are, and we’re here to help you take charge of your own recovery journey. We offer evidence-based therapeutic methods as well as holistic care, massage, dual diagnosis care, fellowship groups, physical exercise programs, dietician and nutritionist services, and adventure therapy to help individuals reconnect with nature and their own physical selves. Because we’re a family, we experience life together at Rebound, from skydiving and snorkeling trips to gathering in the kitchen together to prepare meals and strengthen our community bonds.

Whether it’s caused by addiction or simply a slump, a career change or an issue with one’s spouse, everyone goes through a period in their lives where they need to focus on themselves and their own health and well-being. Rebound Institue offers a place to do just that. With a staff that’s available 24/7, an individual program of care for every teammate, and a supportive, lifelong community, individuals at Rebound Institute have a chance to regain their self-esteem and respect.

Once they leave our program, teammates bring a newfound sense of self to their relationships and daily routines that elevate their standard of living. This allows them to be the best possible version of themselves. If you want a life that is fulfilling and whole, we invite you to join our community at Rebound. What you will find here is an experience that is life-changing, long-lasting, and that helps you to return to the person you were always meant to be.

About the Rebound Institute

The Rebound Institute was founded because there is a need for something different in the Rebound Instituteworld of treatment. We’re not an addiction rehabilitation center- we’re a Wellness Institute created for the purpose of helping people to live their best possible lives.

Many individuals, no matter their background, struggle with substance use issues. We do offer services to help these clients, but we go way beyond the world of detox and rehab. Because the truth is, many people also struggle with having structure, with mental health, with their family relationships, physical ailments, and ultimately, finding their purpose and their community.

That’s why we’re here- to provide a place where people can come to retreat, recharge, and rebound back into life happier and healthier. At Rebound, we’re not “patients” and “staff”, we are teammates working together to create a sense of family and community and to heal through holistic care and structure.

In addition to detox and rehab, we help teammates who struggle with gambling, mental health issues, family and romantic relationship struggles, and people who simply need a break to reassess and rediscover their purpose in life.

Rebound Institute, LLC

We provide private, confidential, and effective recovery and wellness programs for individuals that are committed to their recovery and their loved ones who have been affected by addictions of all types.
We are the first choice for learning and teaching positive behavior change, wellness and recovery through collaboration, empathy, structure and teamwork.

  • • To help individuals and their loved ones find effective personal solutions to recover from alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions.

  • • To measurably improve the lives of families and their communities where addictions threaten their health, relationships and overall well-functioning.

  • • To meaningfully contribute knowledge, innovation and inspiration toward improving addiction science, treatment services and prevention efforts.

Our Values:
Honesty, Integrity,
Empathy, Teamwork
Structure, Commitment to Helping Others
Positive Change, Accountability
Family Values

Overview of Our Program

The Rebound Institute, LLC is a private treatment program that provides customized recovery and wellness programs for individuals that are committed to their recovery. We provide individual assessments, planning, goal setting and treatment approaches that are based upon each client’s personal needs. Each person that enters our program is viewed as an individual who has unique strengths, needs and life experiences. Our approach is holistic and focuses on mind, body and spirit. Our treatment strategies are based upon the latest and best research on addictions, sports medicine, emotions and stress management, and the mind/body connection. Clients have programs for physical fitness and rehabilitation, brain health, nutrition, marriage and family strengthening, trauma resolution therapies, as needed, plus effective use of 12 step programs for long-term, sustainable recovery from addictions of all types. Treatments methods and modalities may include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy, Group Counseling, Couples and Family Therapy, and Recreation and Adventure Therapy. All of our components are tailored to meet the needs of each person and their loved ones and toward developing a personal recovery pathway and support systems. We emphasize personal responsibility, accountability and teamwork in recovery. Individualized family programs, aftercare services with follow-up and alumni activities are very important elements of our program and allow our clients to take back control of their lives.

Jayson’s approach to building the right team for Rebound Institute:

“When we decided to launch the Rebound Institute, one of our main focuses was making sure that we were diligent about recruiting top-level qualified professionals to join our team. We have recruited some of the most experienced administrators, doctors, clinicians and consultants from across the county to be a part of our effort to make a sincere difference in the lives of individuals suffering from addiction, as well as their families. The team we have built will allow Rebound Institute to provide the highest-quality individualized medical and clinical care focused on healing our patients and mending their familial relationships.”