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Retired NBA All-Star Jayson Williams recently launched the Rebound Institute - a state-of-the-art private addiction treatment and wellness center located in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Rebound Institute boasts an oceanfront residential oasis with endless private amenities, as well as a 20,000 square foot stand-alone clinical office building that includes an exclusive 4,000 square foot fitness center.

The Rebound Institute provides customized recovery and wellness programs for top athletes, both active and retired, as well as for other business professionals and executives. Rebound’s treatment strategies are based upon the latest and best research on substance use disorders, sports medicine, emotions and stress management, and the mind/body connection. Rebound’s curriculum focuses on programs for physical fitness and rehabilitation, brain health, nutrition, marriage and family strengthening, trauma resolution therapies, as needed, plus effective use of 12 step programs for long-term, sustainable recovery from addictions of all types. Treatments methods and modalities may include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy, Group Counseling, Couples and Family Therapy, and Recreation and Adventure Therapy. 


A Holistic Wellness Center that Breaks the Mold

Is there something missing from your life? You may be suffering from a life of unbalance. Running from problems, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and substance abuse can not only offer numerous harmful consequences but can throw the balance of life off kilter. At Rebound Institute, a holistic wellness center in South Florida, our mission is to heal individuals as a whole, not just their selective issues. Without a lifestyle that incorporates balance and self-love, we are left with lives that revolve around self-medication and unhealthy choices. 

Reinventing You

At Rebound Institute, we offer numerous programs and services that are designed to help individuals rediscover their true selves.

Restoring Mental Balance

We are committed to developing an in-depth and specific individualized program outline for each individual who comes to our facility looking to better their lives.

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